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Streamlined review and registered reports soon to be official at EJP

The European Journal of Personality strives to help make personality science as good as it can be. We are happy to announce that streamlined review and registered reports will officially be implemented soon.

1) EJP will allow authors to request a streamlined review for their submitted manuscript. In a streamlined review, authors provide copies of a previous decision letter and reviews as supplementary material to their submission. This information will then used to make a decision by the editors of EJP.

2) Authors will have the option to submit a registered report. In a registered report, authors create a study proposal that includes theoretical and empirical background, research questions/hypotheses, and pilot data (if available). Upon submission, this proposal will then be reviewed prior to data collection, and if accepted, the paper resulting from this peer-reviewed procedure will be published, regardless of the study outcomes.

The implementation of these developments will be announced on the blog, on our Facebook page, and Twitter account. Stay tuned!

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